is Valerio Genovese

— Who I am

I’m Valerio Genovese an italian illustrator and graphic designer based in Rome, Italy.
I love Haring, Cassandre, Mattotti, the whole art of XX century, Linkin Park and trekking everywhere.
I mostly prefer nature and mountains as places to find art, poetry, inspiration and to connect my self to the present.

— Design Services

Illustrations – Graphic Design – Web Design – Brand Identity

Video and Animation Design – Photoshoots – Product and Interior Design – Marketing solutions

— Art & Design

My works are often influenced by my daily life, my observation and trips. So many artworks show what positively impressed me in the deep.

Nevertheless I like to combine my ideas with other people’s ones to create new designs, new projects, new connections.

I am also honored to have won the “Tradizionale Infiorata di Genzano di Roma” Manifesto 2018, but it’s just the beginning.

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